Monday, September 1, 2008

Riverwalker's Gear - Rubbermaid ActionPacker 8-Gallon Storage Tote

I use the Rubbermaid Actionpacker 8 gallon storage totes to handle a lot of my storage needs. They are weather resistant which adds to their durability and reliability. The weather resistant plastic they are made of keeps moisture out and they resist cracking when exposed to sunlight or cold temperatures. They also have really good latches to hold the lid down and can be locked or fastened down with a bungee cord. I currently use a 10 inch bungee strap connected to the handles to keep the lid secure. They stack easily (including the lids) which make them really good for storage. They have double-walled construction which gives them additional strength. This is a really nice feature if you like to cram a bunch of stuff in the totes. Rubbermaid covers the purchase of these totes with a full 6-year warranty.

If you want a really nice tote for tools, camping or fishing gear, or other miscellaneous items, these are excellent containers. The totes are even sturdy enough to use as a seat. You can also use those little adhesive labels to identify the items that are in the tote if you use it for long term storage.

These Rubbermaid storage totes are very useful and are quite durable storage containers. They are fairly expensive online but can usually be found at your local “big box store”. They are also available in larger sizes. The larger sizes are hard to find in stores but are usually available online.


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Camarillo Brillo said...

Just might pick one up at REI thia week. Thanks for the review