Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Riverwalker’s Gear – Survival Hatchet

This survival hatchet is an item I found on sale at a local Tractor Supply Store. It’s a combination axe, hammer, pry bar and nail remover. I bought all they had as they were on special and only cost $2.00 each. I got the five they had remaining. I now keep one in each of my vehicles for emergencies and an extra in my trailer tool box and at home. Although they are not the best axe available, at only $2 each they were well worth the price.

They normally run anywhere from $8 to $10. So I saved some money by catching them on a close-out sale. I’ve used them on several occasions to drive tent stakes, as a pry bar and to pull nails. It has a rubberized grip with a solid metal shank and is quite sturdy. It’s sturdy enough to get the job done while having a multi-function capacity in one simple tool.