Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guns and Gear - Shoulder Harness Pic

The shoulder holster offers a number of specialized advantages including not having to wear a belt, your firearm can be drawn in a quick and very inconspicuous manner and it takes the weight of the firearm off your hip. Many hunters like using a shoulder holster because it allows them to keep the gun under their clothing and safe from the effects of bad weather. It also allows your gun to be carried in a place where it's less likely to snag on limbs, brush, etc. The shoulder holster is also practical if you find yourself in a seated position and need to draw your firearm. It can be difficult to draw your weapon out of a belt holster, especially if you're strapped in by a seat belt.



Fallin Fast said...

Who made that one RW?

riverwalker said...

To: Fallin Fast

It's military surplus gear in digital camo that I picked up for next to nothing (less than $10) in mint condition. It had never been used. It works great for my compact Taurus 9mm.

Not sure about the manufacturer but it is a very well-made shoulder holster.


MA Firearms Safety Course said...

If you are using gun then shoulder holster is very useful. You can go with your gun comfortable from one place to another. I have also one shoulder holster for my rifle.

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