Friday, June 26, 2009

Smoker Barrel Gear - The Propane Torch

A propane torch is another piece of gear that can be handy for your smoker barrel. It will allow you to start your charcoal directly in your smoker. It can also be used to do a burn out on your barrel when building a fire in your barrel may not be an option due to burn bans or code restrictions.

They can also be used to burn weeds and cactus. They are more commonly referred to as "pear burners" in my part of the country. A decent propane torch can usually be found for under $40 and is well worth the cost, especially since it is a multi-use item.



Anonymous said...

hey sorry just wondering where i can get one of the tourches i need one to melt the snow on my sidewalk plz le me know thank you

Anonymous said...

ebay has a bunch of them, search word is propane burner. good prices too.hope this helps.pops

Anonymous said...

sorry, not burner,look for propane torch on ebay.