Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ugly Drum Smoker - The Charcoal Basket

The picture above shows a little more detail of the charcoal basket assembly.

The picture above shows the assembled charcoal basket in your smoker barrel.

Excerpt from The Smoker Barrel a guide to building an ugly drum smoker:

“Take your expanded metal and wrap it around your 14”or 16” charcoal basket. Want to make it a little easier? If you have a bottle of propane for a gas grill, wrap it around that. It will give it a pretty good shape to start with. Put a short (1”) bolt through the expanded metal at the top and bottom to hold it together. Put them about two inches from the top and bottom of the expanded metal. Add the two of the same sized bolts equidistant from the first bolt (put three bolts the same distance apart around the outside). These three bolts will be where the charcoal grate rests, so try to spread them out evenly. If you want to add a fourth bolt, feel free to do so. This is your smoker.”

Hopefully these pictures will give you a little better idea of what the assembled charcoal basket will look like. I am also currently working on what I hope will be a simpler version of a charcoal basket for your ugly drum smoker.