Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DIY Gear - Survival Lamp

You can make a survival lamp out of a drink can. Make a slit about an inch from the top and an inch from the bottom of an aluminum soda or beer can. Then cut the slit about half way around the outside of the can. Then cut along the center of the two cuts. The two pieces can then be folded out to reflect the light from a small fire or candle. The lantern can then be hung by the top of the can. Just punch a couple of holes in the rim that are opposite each other and attach a small piece of wire for a handle. Place a small candle or tea light in the can and you have a home-made lantern.


chicken little 2012 lol said...

very smart idea.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was "where in the world did they find such a huge candle?" this project looks enormous but after reading its just a regular sized soda can. Funny.

Kathy said...